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Live broadcast, many times in the forum is a synonym for live postings.
Tianya, Douban and other forums are also the birthplace of live posts.
The live broadcast  UkTvNow App of Tianya is generally longer. The landlord has a certain life experience, and the problems reflected are also profound.
Douban’s live post is often indefinite, and there is no fixed method, more lively and more casual.

UkTvNow App

Almighty WOW stickers, often have God posted. “Follow the live broadcast” usually refers to a period of time, pay attention to the update status of a live broadcast, like chasing TV episodes. “Live posts” are often used by netizens to post their own experiences in real life experiences, attracting everyone’s attention and discussion, collecting opinions on events, or providing certain suggestions to the landlord. uktvnow

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“Live drama” is a name that extends from the popular live posts in online forums. Because such posts are often real people, people are onlookers, and can resonate widely, often netizens feel “life is like a play”; “life is like live broadcast”; “Cup drama, comedy, tragedy, life is like a live drama “. Another vivid name for the live broadcast is gradually formed.

At present, with the rise of the Internet, more and more websites have been able to meet the audience’s viewing needs by integrating online live programs. For example, the increasingly popular website live bears have launched sports, military, entertainment, and The online live navigation service of financial programs meets the needs of netizens watching live TV in a simple and quick way.

UkTvNow App for Satellite live TV

The live broadcast of military programs is relatively high. There are Shenzhen Satellite TV’s “Military Live Broadcasting Room” and “Decision Winning High Point”, Beijing Youth Channel’s “Military Decoding”, Phoenix Satellite TV’s “Military Observation Room”; entertainment program is “Where is Dad?” “Kangxi is coming” and other variety shows live.

UkTvNow App for Satellite live TV UkTvNow App for Satellite live TV UkTvNow App for Satellite live TV
It is a geosynchronous satellite set up above the equator, receives the television signal transmitted by the satellite ground station, forwards it to the designated area on the earth, and then receives it for reception by the terrestrial receiving equipment.
The broadcast television service that provides the satellite direct-to-home (DTH-Direct To Home) using the Ku-band is usually called satellite live broadcast. The satellite TV live broadcast technology was first successfully tested in the United States in 1974.

Concept of TV News Program Form

The KU-band digital video compression TV broadcast satellite is used. Each transponder can broadcast live 4-8 programs to a family equipped with a 0.45m-diameter satellite receiving antenna. One satellite can broadcast more than 100 TV signals. This kind of business, also called satellite digital TV live broadcast, is the main method used by satellite live TV. The biggest advantage of satellite live broadcast is that it can broadcast hundreds of TV programs to home users around the world with only a limited number of 1-2 satellites.

Concept of TV News Program Form Concept of TV News Program Form Concept of TV News Program Form

The form of TV news program is one of the major categories of TV programs. It refers to the natural extension and personalization of the content, form and quality of TV news programs. It is also the design of TV news programs composed of elements such as subject matter, narrative, news, audio-visual and other elements. stencil. [1]

The form of TV news programs differs from the type of TV news programs. The TV news program type refers to the type formed by news programs having the same characteristics. For a wide range of television news programs, different classification criteria can classify programs with the same characteristics into different types.

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In the TV practice world, the concept of “program form” has been greatly different from the concept of “program type”: the concept of “program type” has been established, relatively stable, emphasizing convergence; the concept of “program form” is still being formed. The liquidity is large, the coverage is strong, and the emphasis is on differences.

App UkTvNow App UkTvNow App UkTvNow
Emphasizing the concept of “program form” does not mean replacing the concept of “program type”. It is possible to let the “program type” still maintain its original meaning. In theory, “program type” is the basic category needed to know TV news programs. In the historical sense, attaching importance to “program type” is an important stage in the development of TV news programs, which cannot and does not need to be changed. The concept of “program form” is born in the new stage of the development of TV news programs, that is, in the period when TV news programs are extremely rich. It is the category needed to know the status of UkTvNow App news programs at this stage, and it is also a TV news program. The theoretical development of the new development of production practice.

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