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This year, 12 banks participated in the competition and the interest rates offered for loans ranged from the lowest 3.12 percent offered by HPB to a maximum of 3.75 percent offered by Erste and Zagrebačka banka – for loans and kuna in euros.Claims may be submitted by citizens of the Republic of Croatia, and subsidized loans will November 2018 Calendar to Print be granted for the purchase of an apartment or house, ie construction of a house where a building permit is required, for up to 1,500 euros per square meter or up to the maximum amount of 100 thousand euros worth repayment deadline may not be shorter than 15 years.

November 2018 Calendar to Print

The total amount of the loan may be higher, but the difference will not be subsidized.Otherwise, until 29 January this year, 2,328 subsidized housing loans were approved in Croatia, of which 1,689 for buying an apartment, 463 for buying a home, and 176 for building a house, is submitted to Jutarnji. However, as confirmed by the HZJZ during July and August 2018, during the summer season, which was also the season of intensive development of mosquitoes, 26 patients were diagnosed and one person died.

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Most patients had a clinical picture of central nervous system involvement, and in a part of the patients a mild clinical picture of febrile illness was recorded. Some of the patients recovered and were released from the hospital.Most people were infected in Croatia.According to HZJZ, two people, out of 26 patients in Croatia, have been infected in neighboring states, and for two, it is not safe to determine whether the infection has been acquired in Croatia or in neighboring countries.

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Most people are infected in Croatia as well as previous seasons mainly in the northwest and eastern part of the country.The first Croatian victim this year is an elderly man from Belo Monastery who had some chronic illness on the podium.It was dead and in the past years.This is not the first death case caused by the Western Nile virus in our country.

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A few cases have been recorded in previous years, our epidemiologists interpreted.HZJZ has also been proclaimed.After Index released the news, the HZJZ published a release on the site that we uploaded in its entirety:”The Croatian National Institute of Public Health has received reports of ten Newbies from Western Nile disease last week, which is the continuation of the disease reported by mosquitoes and a total of 26 laboratory-confirmed cases have been reported and one died.

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Based on the available data, all newly-injured persons were infected in the northwestern and eastern part of the Republic of Croatia (Osječko-baranjska, Vukovarsko-srijemska, Grad Zagreb and surroundings, Karlovac and Varaždin County).According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, by August 30, 2018, there were 710 cases of Western Nile virus infections (up to 327 cases in Italy, 213 in Serbia, 147 in Greece, 117 in Romania, 96 in Hungary, etc.).

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The most important infection vector is considered to be a Culex type mosquito, but other types of mosquitoes can also transmit the infection. The transmission risk in some area depends November 2018 Calendar to Print on the presence of the virus, the host in which the agent (viruses) multiplies, vectors – mosquitoes and sensitive (uninhibited) persons.


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