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This was contrary to the command of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, which prohibits the use of engineering on non-military works. Although Kruljak was originally November 2018 Calendar Templates charged with the total damage of this affair of as much as 58 million kuna, he was finally found guilty only because of the unlawful sending of the army to the field, which cost 67 thousand kuna. That money should come back to the budget.

November 2018 Calendar Templates

It was about land that Sibinj received from the country in 2007 to build a small economy zone there. However, the accused municipal mayors have enabled pre-arranged companies and natural persons to acquire ownership rights over large parcels of that high-value building land under real value, without taking any obligations to start construction and carrying out economic activities in the area, thus gaining substantial property gain . However, the last verdict, to which USKOK and defendants have the right to appeal, did not confirm that the defendants illegally earned more than 50 million kuna.

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Mario Korade Still, everyone is well remembered by the massive massacre that fired Ivan Korade in total psychological depredation, left behind before you missed his head when he saw him arrested. In just a few years, Korade had traveled from the Croatian general to a five-time killer who killed a 15 year old Goran and his grandfather Cilik Hudić, the inhabitants of Davor Petris and Franjo Kos, and policeman Mark Kusanic – in the queue of innocent people in the end of March 2008 .

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But when Korade left a deep mark in the upbringing of her son, Maria became clear soon after Korade’s admiration for Zagorje. As the newspapers forgot about his father, the boy struggled to end up in a black chronicle too soon. First, he beat his wife in 2008.The son of the late John Korade, 19-year-old Mario Korade, was arrested after his wife reported for domestic violence. Being unofficially informed, he threatened his wife, who escaped from the Korade home with her child to Varaždin.

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Young Korade with his wife and mother lived in a family home where he married shortly after his father’s suicide.It was not long and the younger Korade was again in the black chronicle. She received 18 days in prison for having been caught in the cafe, but it was just an introduction. He was soon notified by a friend from whom he was extradited more than 40,000 kuna, and the police arrested him for threats and extravagance.

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Korade with a 24-year-old boy began to hang out after his father’s slaughter and began to kick him out, writing for 24 hours. The first money he requested in 2012, which lasted until 2015 when the young man finally decided to report.”I’m gonna pull you off your throat, I’ll kill your family, I’ll break you up, see what’s going to happen to you, send me the money, give it to me,” Korade threatened.

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The young man left him for three years or gave money, several times a few thousand, one and ten thousand. But the extortions did not end, and the victim was terribly afraid of November 2018 Calendar Templates Korade and to realize their threats. The boy was ill, he was recently hit Urgently. Eventually, he decided to report to Korade.

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