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Already on his way to Zagreb, General Gotovina has shown that he is a true, honorable soldier, who has invited hundreds of thousands of people gathered at Ban Jelačić Square, that the country must turn to the November 2018 Calendar Telugu future and that the war is over.And since then, he lives a retired life. She does not deal with politics, but she has devoted her life to her family and a close circle of friends, and breeding tuna. One of those who decided to financially help children from home, so they pay scholarships for their education.

 November 2018 Calendar Telugu

His son Ante is also a young, hard-working and exemplary man. She finishes the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and the summer was learned that she, just like her other colleagues, sent a petition and her CV to the European Parliament to work there in the office of our MP Ivane Maletić. He went to Brussels with three other colleagues and, instead of having to bathe, sunbathe and rest, spent the month of July in Brussels where he worked diligently and gained experience.

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“Ante’s in my office came in the same way that other young people from Croatia come. They are usually sent by mail asking their petition and CV,” said Maletić with the note that her office usually works with young people, holding various workshops and lectures at the Croatian faculties, and as she said, interns do not have too much time for rest. They follow the sessions, prepare the materials, and go to hearings, so the working day will last from morning until dark.

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If the entrepreneur Drago Tadic has so far called a “controversial” by some media inertia, the attribute is undoubtedly the same as yesterday. Namely, at the Zagreb County Court, it is controversial to contradict her first testimony in 2013 at the trial of Božidar Kalmeti and others dramatically changed the same. Tadic is a key witness against Kalmeta and caught up to 29 million kuna from Croatian Motorways and Croatian Roads from 2005 to 2010.

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In return, Tadic received a remorse from then state attorney Mladen Bajić and was not tried for cash withdrawal from Kotek Osijek and giving bribes to HAC leaders who, in turn, provided insightful jobs to his company.Osijek Koteks in the early 2000s was in a bad financial situation. Due to the delay in payment of the state, we were late with payment of wages and payments to subcontractors.

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I asked then Josip Sapunar (then HAC Finance Director) and Marija Crnjaka (HAC’s current president) to let us know the letter of intent for future engagement on the highway construction to get the loan required to unblock the account.They did it. Later, Sapunar started looking for financial sponsorships and paying other consulting services. 

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In his testimony in 2013, Tadic was charging Kalmeta and his then state secretary Zdravko Livaković for organizing the withdrawal of money through the HAC. November 2018 Calendar Telugu In return, the company Osijek-Koteks gained a more favorable position in the HAC affairs. We were already a part of the Croatian consortium and we had a 10 percent share in the 5.3 billion kuna heavy construction work, but we needed this to pay us all that we did.

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