November 2018 Calendar Spanish

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During the summer months, when people are being diagnosed, in people who come to the doctor with symptoms that may indicate the illness of the West Nile, the diagnosis should also reflect on this disease. November 2018 Calendar Spanish On Monday and Tuesday there are still quite rain and rains (on Tuesday the Adriatic is already nicer!), Then on Wednesdays and Thursdays will prevail to have a more stable time, but already on Friday and for the weekend is likely to be a new worsening of time.

November 2018 Calendar Spanish

So it looks like the short-term forecast of the State Meteorological Institute for next week. What do long-term forecasts for the next three months (September, October, November) say? Zoran Vakula for HRT explains that the models at the moment.

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Overlook the increased likelihood that the average seasonal temperature, and each of the next three months in most of Croatia, will be at least slightly higher than the average, and equals forecasts and total seasonal precipitation levels for the Adriatic and areas adjacent to it , while in the northern regions the probability of deviation from the average is considerably lower.

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Therefore, in most of Croatia it will be warmer than average, on the sea and in the regions it is expected to get quite rain, while the amount of precipitation on the west, north and east of the interior should be somewhere within the average for the upcoming era of the year. However, warns about this and Vakula, and long-term forecasts still need to be taken with a dose of reserve.

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For example, computer models have missed long-term forecasts for February and March (they announced warm weather, it was exceptionally cold), but that’s why well predicted the development of summertime time, especially when it comes to temperatures … At a representative sample of as many as 16,000 nationalists at the national level, DeFacto Productions explored radio station listening in Croatia.

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Even 47 percent of listeners listen to the radio program on a daily basis, the results of this survey which was conducted in as many as 90 settlements with a ratio of 60:40 in favor of urban environments. Thus, at the 46th position of 152., Zadar found Novi radio as the most listening radio in our area, with 51 thousand listeners per day.HRT Radio Zadar, with 49,000 daily listeners, is on the 48th position. At the top 110th place with 17,000 daily listeners, Radio 057 is stationed, while with 13,000 listeners on the 119th place Radio BnM.

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Radio station Pag he was in the 124th place listening with just over 10,000 listeners a day, while he worked with the least listeners in our Radio Benkovac region, who placed 9,000 listeners on the 129th position of the national listening list. The average number of listeners is a sum of regular and casual consumers divided by the number of days and refers to the size of a daily November 2018 Calendar Spanish auditorium that is listening to the radio daily for at least 5 minutes. Due to the water supply system, on Thursday, September 30, 8 to 12 no water will be Black, from house number 72 to house number 159.

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