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But to become a “friend of the company,” as he called Sapunar, I had to make more money. The soap opera told me at a meeting that “you would only work and not contribute”. It was clear to November 2018 Calendar Marathi me that I would have to pay for a better position of Kotek Osijek in cooperation with the HAC. It was not surprising to me, because it always worked, and it is still today, “Tadic said in his very different statement before the court.

November 2018 Calendar Marathi

He stated in his statement in 2013 that “this was purely a withdrawal of money for Sapunar, Livakovic and Mikulić” and that “Sapunar said that money was paid by order from the Ministry, Kalmeta and Livakovic”, which yesterday he did not repeat that way. Also over against Tadic, an investigation was resumed over 24 million kuna via the Zadar company.

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He yesterday explained the fact that Sapunar referred to him as “the ministry” and, according to him, said that he was dealing with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, so he thought that after the withdrawal of money from the MLA, Minister Kalmeta and his then State Secretary Livakovic. Undoubtedly, Tadic, with his testimony, goes to Bozidar Kalmeti’s hand.How to draw 24 million from your company?

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But Drago Tadic, former Osijek-Koteksa’s chief of staff, the largest, not only construction company in Slavonia, was not known only at this trial. He has spent a lot of time in the courts, as a witness or pardoner or accused. Last year, he was finally sentenced for attempted bribery of judges of the Supreme Court for obtaining a more favorable verdict for his fellow citizen, leader of HDSSB and parliamentary deputy Branimir Glavaš, formerly sentenced for war crimes against Serbs in Osijek in 1991 and 1992.

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As far as the latter is concerned, Tadic is charged with the fact that in September 2009, together with the then chief man of the company Busišta two from Zadar Mil Bokanović, and Dietmar Aluta-Oltyan, representative of the company Al pine Bau, a longtime majority owner of Osijek-Koteksa, designed a model for withdrawing money from overpayments.The lease of a quarry on the basis of an “inflated” lease of a quarry with a drobilic facility, from Osijek-Koteks’s Tadic, about 26 million kuna how much should the market value of the concession contract be.

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At the expense of Osijek-Kotek, the Zadar company gained some 24.1 million kuna worth of property.Tadić is, on the other hand, one of the co-founders of Busište two. And when the police began investigating this case, Tadic himself filed a claim claiming that as a shareholder Osijek-Koteksa he had suffered a contract with the two companies.

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Tadic was also sentenced in error to a “pebble afer” in Osijek, and for receiving a bribe of 2.16 million bribes. He was punished for work for the common good.Failure to rescue Branimir November 2018 Calendar Marathi Glavas As for the final verdict for attempting to bribe judges of the Supreme Court to save Glavas from war crimes trials over Serbian civilians, Tadic must be imprisoned for two years.

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