November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

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In April this year, the Constitutional Court rejected two constitutional complaints alleging violations of constitutional rights and that during the defense proceedings it was not in the same position as the Prosecution. Tadic, together with his wife, Božica Ćavar Tadic, and a Split entrepreneur Srećko Jurišić, former editor of Glasa Slavonia November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay Sanjom Marketić and former HDSSB member of Parliament, Ivan Drmic, in July 2011 accused him of creating and organizing the rescue operation of Glavas, who was then in prison in BiH.

November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

They intended to influence Supreme Court judges who were to decide on Glavaš’s appeal on a conviction in order to bring Glavas’s case back to the new Judicial Council. Randomly or not, last autumn the Glavaš trial reopened on the same day as the Kalmeta and the rest of the HAC trials trialThe restaurant has ‘crossed the border’ When USKOK launched the “rescue of Glavaš” action and included facing the evidence, all except Tadic they confessed the offenses and agreed to obtain conditional jail sentences.

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Tadic refused to do so and in February 2013 he was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison to endorse the Supreme Court in March last year. The case came under USKOK’s investigation when Supreme Court President Branko Hrvatin then headed State Attorney Bajić reported that Tadic was questioning the case of Glavaš.

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At the trial, Hrvatin said that Tadic had “crossed the border” in question in a restaurant in Zagreb in July 2010 when questioning Glavas’s case. It was mentioned that the conscripts had deposited a sum of 70,000 euros for bribing judges, but that the game was also a tenfold larger amount. The prosecution by the indictment led the company to the losses in 2011 when it was already suspected of bribing Supreme Court judges and setting up construction work on the highway A5, Slavonski Brod, Tadic was removed from the position of President of the Osijek-Koteks Management Board. The majority owner of this former building bride two years earlier became Austrian company Alpine Bau.

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Tadic, they say, was dismissed because he was pressurized by the indictment’s alleged allegations of unreasonable business moves leading the company into losses. At that time, the kidnapped and beaten Osijek entrepreneur Ramiz Pandžić was abducted. In Pandžić’s own words, he did his son Dražen Takač. But Pandžić told reporters in early 2012 that Tadic was behind his abduction and beating.

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Pandzic had previously reported Tadic to the police for asking for a bribe of five million kuna for getting jobs on the highway construction in Slavonia. “Behind the attack on me is Drago Tadic. This is his signature and the signature of the mafia with which he is connected, “Pandzic said, to whom Tadic was backed by the indictment. Pandžić claimed that Tadic had told him in 2004 that” for the investor “he had to pay three cubic meters per cube of gravel.

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Otherwise, in 2004, Tadic came to Osijek-Kotek’s forehead after his predecessor Ivan Raguž fell under extremely strange circumstances from the balcony, ending with serious injuries. For Ragusa, he said in Osijek that he was addicted to cocaine and dropped from the balcony while, under the influence of the drug, November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay  he was hallucinating that someone was persecuting him.And the rise and fall of Sanader’s era.

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