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The system of emergency medical assistance and sanitary transport should be consolidated and other measures of complete emergency reorganization, announced Šota, will be discussed at the 22nd congress of the Croatian Association of Emergency Medical Assistants, which will be held from 18 to November 2018 Calendar Editable October 21 in Vinkovci. Robert Vučković from Vukovar Health Center also addressed the novices, saying that sanitary transport should be so called.

November 2018 Calendar Editable

Cold transport, to transport the patients to the home or the hospital, but very often becomes “team 1” with a physician, a critical patient who is transported under rotation and sound mute to, for example, KBC Osijek, although it is contrary to regulations and law.He warned that the healthcare driver has a salary coefficient of 0.77, and a homeowner at the Health Center 0.86. With this, there are big differences in the payroll of drivers in different cities and regions.

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Josip Požega from the Health Center in Požega pointed out that as a driver of the sanitary transport last month he crossed 8,000 kilometers on 21 business days and transported it to countless patients, with 95 percent of working time being alone and the patient in the vehicle or several without control .Agency for Real Estate and Real Estate Intermediation (APN) began receiving requests for subsidized housing loans on Monday, and despite significantly smaller crowds than last year, the Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Predrag Štromar expects more than two thousand requests.

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“Happy days are coming for more than two thousand families who will submit their requests in the next few days and, if they are completed, will receive a subsidy on housing loans and secure their new home,” Stromar told reporters at the headquarters of APN in the company of director of the agency Slavka Čukelja.APN was delivered by 7.30 pm to the courier service providers of the individual banks who submitted their door customer documentation.

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According to unofficial information, Erste Bank has submitted its first request At 13, Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) handed them 40, and Raiffeisen Bank Austria had four requests. For the first time, banks submitted over 900 requests last year, and by the ten banks that participated there, six the first morning from the start of the competition, was at the APN’s doorstep. The thromber estimates that the crowds are out of order for better planning and analysis of the situation than last year.

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“We planned to provide enough funds, and all those in the next two week will surely receive a subsidy. This year is a lot simpler, and I’m sure there will be more than two thousand requests, “said Štromar. He recalled that major changes to the law refer to the extension of the four-to-five-year subsidy that tenders, planned for the next two years, and also highlighted the demographic dimension of the measure, given that each subsidy is extended for two years for every birth child.

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It is noteworthy that up to 250 children have been born in the families that participated in the previous competition . The novelty is that the subsidy will range from 30 to 51 percent, depending on November 2018 Calendar Editable the development index of the site. and unlike last year, Štromar is expecting more demands from rural areas this year. APN Director Čukelj noted that for any non-complete requests, a call will be sent to banks to complete them within a maximum of 30 days.

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