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In addition, in Croatia, the maximum sentence at the time November 2018 Calendar Australia of Đureković’s murder was also 15 years, as the 20-year sentence was pronounced only as a replacement for the death penalty. Nobilo: The verdict falls in Strasbourg.

November 2018 Calendar Australia

But Nobilo is convinced that the whole verdict will fall after his lawsuit against the European Court of Human Rights, which will point to “violations of the right to an impartial tribunal and fair trial”.”According to the practice of that court we can expect to abolish the verdict. At this point, Perkovic and Mustac would go out and begin a trial of freedom again, “Nobilo said.

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The defendant considers that the President of the Judicial Council, Manfred Dauster, has judged Co-perpetrator Krunoslav Prates in the previous proceedings for the same criminal offense.Vapors did not help, the terrorists robbed and fired a car with the bodies of murdered journalists after the cracked rafter.The case of murdered journalists has escalated into the diplomatic war and the accusations of rebel Serbs that members of the National Guard Guard were behind the terrorist act. The opposition was led by Mukus and the Russian Parliamentary Commission, which led Mukusev, but was disbanded after the Russian reporter found behind the terrorist act there are rebellious Serbs, which did not suit the then official Kremlin.


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“At that trial, Dauster has fully gained the guilty plea of ​​Perkovic and Mustac, and according to the court’s view in Strasbourg, the pretrial court can not enter the case. Even judges who decide on detention where they talk about the grounds of suspicion can not be tried in the trial chamber later, “Nobilo said.Russian journalists traveled by car with diplomatic marks of the then Soviet Union from Croatian Kostajnica to Petrinja. By coming to the village of Panjani, the Serbs began to shoot on a car with diplomatic markings, although Russian journalists cried to stop shouting: ‘Do not shoot us, we are Russians, your brothers.’

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He also added that he also found that the president of the second-instance council participated in the Prates trial. A week ago in St. Petersburg, the book ‘Do not shoot, we are your brothers’, Russian journalist and university professor Vladimir Mukusev, revealed the truth about the deaths of Russian journalists Viktor Nogin and Gennady Kurinoy, killed near the Croatian Kostajnica on September 1, 1991.

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In the anniversary of the death of Russian journalists on September 1, in the village of Panjani, a memorial service that was raised at the initiative of Croatian war veterans will be added to Putin’s text about posthumous design.One of the defenders investigating the deaths of Russian journalists is Ivica Panžda Orkan, a retired Colonel of HV and one of the more active documentaries of the Homeland War.In the latest book, Mukusev reveals that Nogin and Kurino, on September 1, 1991, had been killed by automatic weapons from Serbian armed forces near the Croatian Kostajnica.

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Pandža has warned the truth about the death of two Russians for years, but according to him, representatives of the Russian Embassy in Croatia wrote protests about raising monuments.The November 2018 Calendar Australia book ‘Do not Shoot, We Are Your Brothers’ is a kind of continuation of his first book called ‘The Black Map – A Story of a Journalist Investigation’, in which the Russian reporter investigated in detail all details about the death of journalists.

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