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Three hundred researchers are researching machine intelligence, robotics, fintech, data processing and quantum computing. Punctually at the beginning of the new season, the Staatstheater Augsburg March 2019 Calendar Word starts with his work. But now the last bases were created. On 1 September 2018, the Theater Augsburg Staatstheater. At the same time, the foundation Staatstheater Augsburg was founded. The first constituent meeting of the Board of Trustees took place on Friday.

March 2019 Calendar Word

“With today’s meeting, we have laid the groundwork for the Staatstheater Augsburg to be able to start its work punctually at the beginning of the new season,” said Bavaria’s Art Minister, Prof. Dr. med. med. Marion Kiechle at the inaugural meeting of the Foundation Council “Highlight in the cultural city of Augsburg” Minister Kiechle wishes the new Staatstheater Augsburg much success for the beginning of the season and emphasized: “The Staatstheater Augsburg will be a highlight in the cultural city of Augsburg and the entire metropolitan region.

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I am sure that the previous successful work of the theater can be continued and expanded with the support of the Free State. “Collaboration between Augsburg and the Free StateThe committee as the central body of the foundation is composed of representatives from the city of Augsburg and the Free State of Bavaria. For the Free State, in addition to the Minister of State, Prof. Dr. med. med. Marion Kiechle, member of parliament Bernd Kränzle Tobias Haumer is appointed as the representative of the Ministry of Finance as a member of the supervisory and control body.

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For the city of Augsburg sit beside Mayor Dr. Kurt Gribl the second mayor Eva Weber and cultural adviser Thomas Weitzel in the board of trustees.New responsibilities have been clarified “The fact that the theater is now going into the new season as Staatstheater Augsburg has demanded the highest attention for all involved. Now the new responsibilities between Free State and City have been clarified. On this basis, the top quality of all theatrical disciplines is secured and guided into the future, “said Lord Mayor. Kurt Gribl.

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State Intendant is the Managing DirectorThe Board of Trustees appointed President André Bücker as well as the Managing Director of the theater, Friedrich Meyer, as Foundation Board member. Other important items on the agenda included the definition of the business plan for 2018/19 and the adoption of the foundation charter, which sets out the structure and working methods of the foundation. Thanks to a new cooperation, five Augsburg schools will gain insight into the theater in the future.

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Theater education at the Staatstheater Augsburg combines a long-term cooperation with various schools in town and country. Many schools recognize cultural education as part of general education, take advantage of the extracurricular education offered by the state theater and attend performances by all disciplines. The staging-accompanying offers of theater education give the students the opportunity to reflect the theater experience comprehensively, to discuss topics and contents.

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Intensive cooperation with schools sealed Now five Augsburger schools have decided to intensify their cooperation with the Staatstheater Augsburg in a cooperation agreement seal. In discussions with March 2019 Calendar Word teachers and school administrators with the theater educators Imme Heiligendorff and Nicoletta Kindermann, the visit of various performances of each grade was defined for one school year.

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