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Affordable and family-friendly admission prices Overall, sports speaker Dirk Wurm rates the past bathing season as very pleasing and successful: “Of course, our Augsburg outdoor pools were also very March 2019 Calendar USA much weather-dependent well received. The reasons are obvious. Not only extended opening hours are appreciated by the guests. Above all, it is the affordable and family-friendly admission prices. They help ensure that a broad segment of the population can afford this summer leisure time fun, “says Wurm. BONN.

March 2019 Calendar USA 

Worldwide, there are only up to 20,000 AI experts. The Bonn Professor Christian Bauckhage is one of them. We talked to him about learning machines, cyber wars and the lack of willingness to take risks in Germany. By Andreas Dyck, 12.09.2018 As a kid, Bonn AI researcher Christian Bauckhage dreamed of helping the visually impaired with clever technology. That finally brought him to computer science. Today he works in Sankt Augustin on learning machines.

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KI experts are currently very much in demand. Do you notice any of this? Christian Bauckhage: I have been working full-time on the subject for 20 years. Basically, nobody was interested in 17 years. In the meantime I can hardly save myself from inquiries. Politicians, journalists, and industry are knocking on my door. How do you explain the sudden interest in your work? Bauckhage: About eight years ago there was a quantum leap in the field of artificial intelligence.

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Research has been going on for 70 years, but there have been real breakthroughs since 2010. The reason for this is the sheer volume of data we can work with, cheap high-performance hardware, and new ideas to make machine learning better. All of this has led machines today to recognize the content of images, understand language and analyze videos. So we have made tremendous progress. It took a couple of years for this to arrive in public, but now it’s going to get tough.

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Why are we talking about Artificial Intelligence? Bauckhage: This name just causes us problems and we should not have called it that. It is a daft term that leads to misconceptions. Intelligence is something that we ascribe to each other, that arises in the eye of the beholder. But some machines can simulate intelligence very well by understanding what we say and showing us the way to the restaurant. But actually, we train programs to learn cognitive skills like seeing, talking, and planning. So it would be better, we would speak of artificial cognition.

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The term you will probably have to live for now. What role does Germany play in KI? Bauckhage: Germany is traditionally very strong in research and is one of the top five with the USA, Israel, Great Britain and China. The German AI is particularly good at the interface to industry, ie in robotics, logistics and production planning. However, there is also skepticism about new technologies and a lack of risk-taking. That slows us down.

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They conduct research in Bonn. Which position does the region have? Bauckhage: Bonn is one of the main locations in Germany, where KI is working. Computer science has played an important March 2019 Calendar USA role here since the 1970s. Even large corporations in the IT industry like Telekom play an important role in this. KI will in the future direct cars, predict wars and even predict death. What can and can not be achieved? Bauckhage: All this is realistic if enough data is available.

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