March 2019 Calendar To Print

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What should be considered when importing smartphones from foreign countries in principle, we have gathered here once. Incidentally, the purchase in Hong Kong is not financially worthwhile, if you March 2019 Calendar To Print pay the taxes dutifully. The iPhone Xs officially costs, for example, from 8,600 Hong Kong dollars (944 euros) – here to add 19 or 20 percent and you come with about 1,125 euros at similar prices as in this country. (from 1,149 euros) The slump in technology stocks has unsettled many.

March 2019 Calendar To Print

The FAANG shares were affected, but fears of a turnaround exist. By Andreas Dagasan * on 11.09.2018The sudden slump in technology stocks in March and July have unsettled many investors. Although the second crash affected the FAANG shares, ie companies from the social media and lifestyle sectors, there is still concern about a general trend reversal. Is it justified? The boom of recent years has pushed up the valuations of many technology companies and the business models are already undergoing significant changes market environment.

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However, one must face these fears and doubts once again. Because, as in the past, technology stocks are often subject to major fluctuations and doubts, but in the long term they are superior to the broad market in terms of profitability and growth and therefore justify a valuation premium.In investing in productivity-enhancing technologiesAn alternative way for long-term investment success may be, in those Investing in technologies and tech companies that develop, manufacture or use productivity-enhancing technologies.

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It would therefore be advisable for investors to supplement their portfolio of traditional technology stocks with industrial technology stocks. Keep in mind that companies have enough financial resources to withstand periods of economic downturn and invest continuously in research and development. The dividend yield is not the number one priority for technology stocks, as companies are expected to grow rapidly and realize profits as soon as possible. The focus of this approach, ie investing in industrial technology stocks, is the digitization of value chains, also referred to as the second phase of disruption can.

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These include, for example, three vertical technology trends, namely Industry 4.0, Medical Technology and Mobility & Autonomous Systems. In addition there are their relevant cross-sectional technologies. These are Robotics & Manufacturing Technology, Sensors & Microchips, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, Innovative Materials and Communication Technology. Semiconductors (Information Technology) should be underweighted because these equities are very cyclical.

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Thus, the proportion of driver assistance systems in cars will increase significantly in the next few years. And the introduction of Robotaxi models should lead to an additional boost from 2025 onwards. Manufacturers of driver assistance systems such as Infineon and Hella should benefit from this megatrend. In the example of Mobility & Autonomous Systems, the great potential of corresponding industrial technologies is well recognized.

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Avoiding social media and lifestyle topics 5G also offers new opportunities in industrial manufacturing. This includes the use of autonomous or collaborative robots as well as digital twins of March 2019 Calendar To Print products and processes.The networking of vehicles is made possible by the new 5G mobile communications standard, which allows the processing of huge amounts of data at the highest speed and the shortest response time.

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