March 2019 Calendar Telugu

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In particular, a conflict of interest is suspected if the entity preparing the analysis of the share capital of the analyzed entity  s has a shareholding of more than 5%, * has been a member of a consortium March 2019 Calendar Telugu in the past 12 months, which has acquired the securities of the analyzed company which manages the securities of the analyzed company under an existing contract, in the last 12 months due to an existing one Has performed investment banking services to the analyzed entity that resulted in a performance or performance promise .

March 2019 Calendar Telugu

Has entered into an agreement with the analyzed entity to prepare the financial analysis, and regularly shares of the analyzed company * or derived therefrom Derivatives, or the analyst responsible for that entity has other significant financial interests in relation to the analyzed entity, such as: the exercise of mandates in the analyzed company.

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BlackX GmbH uses the following keys to describe the conflicts of interest pursuant to Section 85 (1) WpHG and Article 20 Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 and Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/958: Key 1: The analyzed company has actively provided information for the preparation of this study. Key 2: This study was sent to the analyzed company prior to distribution and subsequently changes were made. No research report or design that already contained an investment recommendation or a price target was submitted to the company being analyzed.

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Key 5: BlackX GmbH and / or its affiliate and / or the creator of this study has shares in the analyzed company prior to its acquisition Key 9: BlackX GmbH and / or its affiliate has entered into an agreement with the analyzed company to prepare this study. Under this agreement, First Marketing GmbH received a pre-paid fee to disseminate the analysis. Nevertheless, BlackX GmbH assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, accuracy, completeness and adequacy of the facts presented.4.

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Key 11: BlackX GmbH and / or its affiliate and / or the creator of this study holds a net sell or buy position in the analyzed company , which exceeds the threshold of 0.5% of the total issued share capital of the company.Overview of the previous investment recommendations (12 months): Type of analysis: Date: Target price / Current: Initial recommendationGlobal Blockchain Technologies 10.10.2017 EUR 2.50 / EUR 0 , 35 splitter-adjusted3.

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Essential sources of information, reference to underlying information and forecast characterThe publication of BlackX GmbH, such as or other publications, are for informational purposes only of the reader. When creating the information BlackX GmbH uses different sources, especially the information provided by the companies other publicly available information (domestic and foreign media, newspapers, financial news, etc.) but also other sources.

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BlackX GmbH only uses sources that are believed to be reliable and trustworthy at the time of creation. BlackX GmbH and the persons employed by it for the preparation of the publication make every possible effort to ensure that the information used and the underlying information are as complete and factually correct as March 2019 Calendar Telugu possible. Forecasts and assessments are marked and formulated accordingly. It is also ensured in forecasts and assessments that they are based on factual basis and are realistic.

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