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On the one hand, because online games and films sometimes require something else. On the other hand, because end users – unlike companies – often do not know that faster means not always better. The frequent comparisons between Amazon and Alibaba are no coincidence. While Amazon now offers its own services March 2019 Calendar PDF and hardware – from Amazon AWS to the Fire devices – Alibaba also wants to penetrate new business areas. The Group already offers a variety of smart home solutions, but now wants to go one step further.

March 2019 Calendar PDF

The idea sounds very intelligent. Due to the local proximity to chip producers, the mail order company wants to get in here and offer their own processors for AI. This would be an advantage over the competition aus.Alibaba announced the start of this effort this week with great applause. In view of the strong competition – and possible trade wars between the US and China – the action is viewed very positively locally.

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China wants to take a leading role in developing innovative solutions. At any rate, there is no shortage of budget. While Alibaba did not disclose any details about the upcoming AI chip, the company told attendees at a conference in Hangzhou that it had established a subsidiary. It is designed to produce custom chips and embedded processors that support their own cloud computing services and provide solutions for other businesses, such as mobile computing.

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In addition to efforts for its own processor, there will also be another group in Hangzhou, within the e-commerce team. There, the development for its own Quatenprozessor is to be further developed – an important component in the direction of its own supercomputer. “Alibaba is a leading technology innovator in the field of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, since we announced two years ago our determination to join us “We are confident that our benefits in terms of algorithm, data intelligence, computing power and domain knowledge based on Alibaba’s diverse ecosystem will put us in a unique position,” said Jeff Zhang, the company’s chief technology officer.

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To achieve real technological breakthroughs in disruptive areas such as quantum and chip technology, “Zhang continued. It would not be the first Chinese group to emerge as a global big player and technology supplier. So Huawei is currently trading as the pioneer in terms of the upcoming 5G technology. In addition, Baidu – China’s answer to Google – is cited as an example. The group achieves considerable success in the development of self-driving cars.The timing of such a decision by Alibaba could not be better.

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The trade war between China and the US seems to be entering another round, especially technological products are a big issue here. Many Chinese companies fear, not without reason, fewer orders from the US “The market for chips is controlled by America … and suddenly they stop selling,” said Jack Ma Yun, co-founder and CEO of Alibaba, At the beginning of the year in front of an audience at Waseda University in Tokyo.

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“Japan, China, every country should have its own technology. A company should take responsibility for its customers, for the global future. “Alibaba has been preparing for this step for some time. In April, the Chinese chip manufacturer Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems was bought. Over the next three years, Alibaba plansĀ March 2019 Calendar PDF to invest $ 15 billion in the Alibaba DAMO Academy, a research and development division. The DAMO Academy collaborates with universities around the world, including well-known names such as Stanford.

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