March 2019 Calendar Marathi

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Summary of Valuation Bases and Valuation MethodsThe valuation of companies is based on a quantitative analysis of company reports and publications on the company as March 2019 Calendar Marathi well as qualitative information that can be considered relevant for an assessment. Factors such as business profile, debt, credit, liquidity, earning power, business models, business performance and similar factors are taken into account.In particular, the publications do not constitute an individual recommendation in relation to the reader.

March 2019 Calendar Marathi

For listed companies, the assessment also includes the so-called fundamental analysis.5. Sensitivity of the valuation parameters – ModificationPublications only indicate the assessment and opinion at the time of preparation. The time of creation is stated in the publication. An obligation to update will not be accepted. It is expressly stated that changes in the information, data and circumstances used and used may occur and such changes may have a material effect on the Company’s estimates and discussion.6.

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Importance of the recommendations The statements and opinions of BlackX GmbH in their publications can at best be a factor in the context represent an investment decision of the reader. They expressly do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell a security. A prospect should also seek information about other sources about the company.Neither the publication of the publications nor the recommendations or opinions expressed are intended to constitute a financial service of the reader, in particular an investment advisory or investment agency agreement, with BlackX GmbH or the respective author .

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The assessments are aimed at speculative private investors, but also institutional investors and professional investors. Readers should have appropriate risk capital and additional assets and an investment horizon of more than five years. In the context of the publications mean: Buy: Absolute upside of more than 10% within six monthsSold: Absolute downside potential of more than 10% within six monthsHold: Absolute potential between -10% and + 10% within six months7. Risk Warnings: Stock exchanges and investments in companies (stocks) are always speculative and involve the risk of total loss.

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This applies in particular to investments in companies that are not established and / or are small and have no established business and assets. Share prices may be significant vary. This applies in particular to shares that have only limited liquidity (market breadth). Even small orders may have a significant impact on the stock price. Stocks in narrow markets may also experience little or no actual trading and published prices are not based on actual trading, but only on a stockbroker.

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A stockholder in such markets can not expect to find a buyer for his shares at all and / or at reasonable prices. In such narrow markets, there is a very high possibility of manipulating prices and prices in such markets An investment in securities with low liquidity, as well as low market capitalization is therefore highly speculative and represents a very high risk.

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Unlisted shares and securities do not have a regulated market and a sale (or sale) is not or only on an individual basis possible lich.8. Disclaimer: The BlackX GmbH assumes no responsibility for March 2019 Calendar Marathi the accuracy of their opinion and assessment of certain companies. In particular, it owes no success if a reader should make an investment decision based on a published assessment.

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