March 2019 Calendar Excel

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These were complemented by additional theater pedagogical offers and individual projects. The cooperation agreement allows the schools to put together an individual program .To anchor this in the school program and thus give the extracurricular cultural education a special place.Theater follows its March 2019 Calendar Excel educational missionIntendant André Bücker is the education and mediation work a particular concern: “I am very happy that we are after a successful expansion of the division Theater Education now welcome five cooperation schools from different school types.

March 2019 Calendar Excel

With the written cooperation agreement, the schools have for the first time fixed their joint projects with the Staatstheater for a whole school year. This way, schools and theaters can fulfill their educational mission together. Cultural education is made tangible for the students. “These schools cooperate with the TheaterBeim Theater Festival on September 23, following the performance of the final movement of the” Ode to Joy “by the choirs and chamber orchestra of the Maria Stern Gymnasium In addition to the Gymnasium Maria Stern.

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Whose musical branch focuses on cooperation with the Augsburg Philharmonic, the Academy of Social Education Maria Stern, the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium, the Hans-Adlhoch- School and the Heinrich-von-Buz-Realschule of the lot.  The work is in full swing in the former Ofenhaus on the Augsburg gasworks site. Currently the workshops of the theater are moving in. At the beginning of 2019, the Brechtbühne intends to celebrate its first premiere.

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At present, the area of ​​the former Augsburg gas works is being expanded by Stadtwerke Augsburg together with the city of Augsburg to become a center for cultural and creative industries. The former Ofenhaus becomes the new alternative venue for the Augsburg theater. The construction work is on schedule, which is tight. On January 12, 2019, the Brechtbühne wants to celebrate its first premiere. “The stove house takes on form.

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Right now we are in good spirits that everything will be ready by the time of the premiere, “says Jürgen Fergg, press spokesman for Stadtwerke Augsburg. Stefen Schleifer and Hans Koch provide information about the current construction work on the Gaswerk site. Photo: Angelina Märkl / B4B WIRTSCHAFTSLEBEN SCHWABENBrechtbühne must reduce in sizeThe Brechtbühne has already moved out of its old temporary venue and is currently being adapted for the Ofenhaus.

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The theater has to be reduced from 240 seats to 219, everything has to be reduced a bit. “We will hopefully go into the trial phase at the beginning of December and start a test operation. Unfortunately, we did not have time in Martini Park. However, we want to have a good month at the new interim venue to be able to react in advance to emerging problems, “emphasizes Stefan Schleifer of the culture department of the city of Augsburg.

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BAUARBEITEN RUNNING ONTO HIGHWAYSWorkshops in the theater are moving in Since June, the workshops in Kasernstraße are gradually becoming smaller dismantled and rebuilt in the oven house. Although March 2019 Calendar Excel  the carpentry and locksmiths have to shrink in space, they are more modern. There is also a freight elevator. With this, the sets can be transported to the fourth floor, where is also the rehearsal stage for drama and ballet.

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