March 2019 Calendar Australia

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Among the TOP 10 holdings are billionaire companies such as VISA (WKN A0NC7B) with 4.3%, Microsoft (WKN 870747) with 4.3%, Master card (WKN A0F602) with 4.3%, Intel (WKN 855681) with 4.1% and Oracle (WKN 871460) with 4.1%.We expect strong investor interest, with $ 15- $ 20m earmarked by the March 2019 Calendar Australia company.Evolve Blockchain ETF continues to benefit from favorable stock price levels and stock continues to grow! The Evolve Blockchain ETF has also acquired and owned Global Blockchain (WKN A2JST8) now among the top 10 holdings (LINK).

 March 2019 Calendar Australia

You see Global Blockchain Technologies (WKN A2JST8) is in good company with absolute billion-dollar players.10% of all shares are now traded on ETFs Why? Its own cryptocurrency LASER, which will launch soon, has attracted strong investor interest from institutional investors. In addition, Global Blockchain Technologies (WKN A2JST8) has stated in its recent quarterly report that it expects it to make its own cryptocurrency straight out of the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

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Only as a reminder the cheapest TOP 20 crypto currency (Dogecoin) is currently valued at more than $ 700 million! This would be in our eyes an absolute sensation and would have to drive the course well above the 1 EUR mark. Surely this sounds very ambitious given the current price level, but the past has shown that some ICOs may have increased a hundredfold, or even a thousandfold, in the near future.

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Therefore, we are convinced that at this low price level an entry represents an excellent opportunity-risk ratio. The Evolve Blockchain ETF recently published the amount of the current holdings and continued to buy heavily (see below). Alone the projects in the 3.-4. In our view, we have a potential of 200 – 300 million EUR (see company update), which Global Blockchain Technologies (WKN A2JST8) will then hold as an investment. Here are upcoming projects and projects at an early stage not yet included, so we think it is quite realistic that by the end of the year, a 5-6 times higher rating will be possible.

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Today’s news in detail: Billions Review by Ethereu m Hard Fork possible – why? Laser will have its own crypto currency, called Photon, which will have a fixed offer of 42 million units, of which 30% (12.6 million) are owned by GBT. As can be seen in the white paper, the photon token will be a so-called hard fork of the crypto-currency Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, which receive photon tokens in a certain ratio.

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With the second largest cryptocurrency as a driving force, we believe the LASER project will be extremely much in the focus of all crypto investors. At the last Hard Fork, all Ethereum owners (market capitalization $ 18 billion) were given shares in Ethereum Classic, which now has more than $ 1.2 billion in market capitalization. With the draft horse Ethereum, the LASER Token Photon can also be a complete success, a valuation of $ 1 billion seems in our view quite in the realm of possibility, you expect even what this would mean for the share price of Global Blockchain.

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Thus, this project alone would justify at least a 5-6 times higher stock price. The Laser Network is a SWIFT-like blockchain solution that allows various cryptocurrencies on different blockchains to be handled almost March 2019 Calendar Australia smoothly without the use of a central exchange (Explanation youtube video). As mentioned in April, the Laser Network received considerable attention from the technology and financial community.

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