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Neither temperatures, vibrations, mechanical movements nor radiations are allowed to act from outside. This requires very low temperatures, vibration-free suspensions and sometimes laser. That soundsĀ January 2019 Calendar Cute very expensive. What Advantages Do Quantum Computers Have Over Classic Computers? Prof. Dr. Christian Bauckhage18Bauckhage: A qubit can have two states. Two qubits can have a total of four states. Three qubitsight states, four 16s and so on.

January 2019 Calendar Cute

This is similar in digital computers. Four bits can represent a total of 16 numbers – but only one of these 16 numbers at a time. However, four quantum bits represent the 16 numbers simultaneously. If understood mathematically, one is able to solve exponentially difficult problems in so-called polynomial times. The classic example is encryption: if the encryption numbers are large enough, a digital computer would take billions of years to crack an encryption, because it has to go through an incredible number of combinations bit by bit.

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A quantum computer, on the other hand, tests all of these combinations simultaneously. Instead of billions of years, this calculation takes only a few seconds. Quantum computing will change everything. No banking transaction over the internet will be more secure. You see a potential for danger? “Bauckhage: The potential danger is not that we can use quantum computers, but that our encryption algorithms may not be sufficient in the future In machine learning, algorithms solve problems by evaluating a great deal of data.

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Will quantum computers thus accelerate this process? Bauckhage: Machine learning is statistics. The parameters of statistical models are optimally adapted to data. On classical computers, these optimization problems are cumbersome and expensive. Thanks to strong, conventional computers we have nevertheless made great progress in the field. Quantum computers, however, are predestined to solve these optimization problems very quickly.

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Within a short time, computers will learn processes for which they need FRAUNHOFER IAIS19 today. Where isolated special programs are needed today, for example, for image recognition, for speech recognition, for process planning, a single program will soon be enough. Today’s condition can be multiplied by a thousand. Much more complex problems are solved and then sold. We will see dramatic advances in artificial intelligence.

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Quantum computers will initially be reserved for large companies. These in turn sell problem solutions as a service based on their systems? Bauckhage: Exactly. And that will be a big challenge for us. For example, we will be experiencing problems in computer science education and the IT labor market. For people who have studied theoretical physics, the changes will be good, for everyone else it will be difficult.

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Because quantum computation requires other algorithms and a very complex mathematics. So far, there are hardly any people in Germany who are adequately trained to work with technology. Are there already initiatives in Germany dealing with quantum computing? Bauckhage: In terms of research, January 2019 Calendar CuteĀ Germany has always been in a good position, even in this case. For example, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the Promotion of Quantum Technologies in Germany has decided to set up the national initiative “Quantum Technology Fundamentals and Applications (QUTEGA)”. Research at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft also plays a major role here. Personally, I deal with the topic of quantum computing for machine learning.

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