February 2019 Calendar To Print

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Designed from the ground up for developers. They will also introduce new Bixby tools that enable developers to integrate smart technology into a broad range of Samsung devices. Jaeyeon Jung is February 2019 Calendar To Print VP and Head of Service Security Technologies Group at Samsung, where she oversees the IoT cloud, identity service and other security-related services.

February 2019 Calendar To Print

In her presentation, Jaeyeon will demonstrate the progress of SmartThings since the announcement of ecosystem integration in 2017. It will also explain how SmartThings has become more secure, scalable and accessible – and what steps are planned for the coming year. This year’s SDC18 will be about the exchange between Samsung experts, partners and thought leaders in the industry. Leading the way in areas such as AI, IoT and health, AR / VR and security solutions.

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Companies at the forefront of the world’s most innovative technologies and industries engage in a playful environment, inspiring each other for further progress. In the coming weeks, further participants of the SDC18 will be introduced. More information about the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 can be found at http://sdc.developer.samsung.com/.

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You can also find us on Twitter (@samsung_dev, hashtag # SDC18). At the beginning of next year, the 5G frequencies will be auctioned off in Germany. Nevertheless, the fight for 5G has long begun. On the paper is also clear why this is so: With 5G, the nets to be up to 100 times faster than it is currently the case with 4G. Speeds of 1 Gbit / s promises the coming technology. For end customers who want to stream films and TV broadcasts such as Bundesliga games on the go, dreams could come true in the future.

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5G (Image: Shutterstock) Mobile telephony is also becoming increasingly important in companies and in the industry. Without the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and Industry 4.0 applications, many carmakers, steel mills, printers and even hospitals would already be much less efficient. However, most applications, devices and machines do not use the currently fastest 4G mobile phone technology. Instead, the information is transmitted via 3G, 2G or even GSM.

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The reasons for this are by no means just obsolete structures and systems. Rather, bandwidth plays a subordinate role even in autonomous driving or eHealth solutions. So, while end users with gigabit promises can be tempted, the promised speed boost that 5G is supposed to bring is not tantalizing the hearts of business customers.100 times higher speeds are irrelevant to most businessesMarkus Haas, CEO of Telefónica Germany, is still optimistic.

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“The backbone of Industry 4.0 will be 5G,” Haas predicts. “I’m absolutely convinced of that.” However, his optimism is more likely to be based on the fact that the latency times of 5G should be greatly reduced, which is particularly interesting for real-time applications. “The high bandwidths and February 2019 Calendar To Print speeds that 5G likes to emphasize are largely irrelevant to most corporate and industrial applications,” said Peter Matthes of Siwaltec, a TGE Group company.

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