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” For us, as SGL Carbon, mass production of lightweight composite parts is an essential part of our corporate and growth strategy , We want to make components made of fiber-reinforced plastics the standard in all major industries. An important set screw is the different manufacturing processes, with Fiber Placement as one of several February 2019 Calendar Editable trend-setting routes. With the new center, we are now offering this aviation-based technology to other sectors at an industrial level.

 February 2019 Calendar Editable

” In future, Coriolis Group SAS and Cevotec GmbH will also be added, “explains Hannah Paulus, head of the new center. At SGL Carbon, carbon fibers are woven into components. Photo: Isabell Walter / B4B WIRTSCHAFTSLEBEN SCHWABENWorldwide Aircraft and Automobile Manufacturers Use TechnologyIn the FPC, customers can develop new manufacturing concepts and demonstrate them in prototype production.

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In addition, a production of fiber-reinforced components for massproduction by SGL Carbon can be implemented. Both dry and preimpregnated semi-finished fiber products are processed with various plastic resins, so-called thermoset or even thermoplastic matrix systems. Even today, concrete projects and demonstration components are being prepared. These are used by aircraft and car manufacturers worldwide.

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The FPC works closely with SGL Carbon’s Lightweight and Application Center.150 guests from politics, business and scienceThe event was co-hosted by around 150 guests from politics, business and science. Amongst others, Minister of State Franz Josef Pschierer, Augsburg’s Second Mayor Eva Weber, visited Meitingen’s Mayor. Michael Higl and Johann Häusler, member of the Bavarian Landtag and crafts and SME spokesman and member of the Economic Committee, the event.Dag Kittlaus, CEO of Viv Labs, will be performing on stage by Adam Cheyer, de m CTO of the company, accompanied. Together, they outline Samsung’s strategy to make Bixby more ubiquitous, personal, natural and open.


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District Administrator Martin Sailer was connected by video message. Samsung Electronics has unveiled a first list of speakers for the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 (SDC18). At the SDC18, thousands of the world’s best-known developers come together to talk about cutting-edge technology and work on developing the software and services of tomorrow.He also reveals how new tools and capabilities help developers bring their creative ideas to life and tailor them to billions of devices.Together, they outline Samsung’s strategy to make Bixby more ubiquitous, personal, natural and open.


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DJ Koh, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics’ IT & Mobile Communications Division, will open the SDC18, showcase Samsung’s vision for the technology of the future, and demonstrate how the company continues to innovate to deliver the best customer experience possible. “At Samsung, we’re committed to improving our open hardware, software and services ecosystems, enabling partners and developers to create new, intelligent and unimagined experiences for consumers,” said Koh.

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“As part of this commitment, we’re excited to announce new developments and tools for KI and IoT at the SDC18 that will usher in the next generation of connectivity.” SDC18’s many speakers include Samsung executives, who are key players in the development of new software and services. Among others: Eui-Suk Chung is EVP and Head of Software and AI, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung.A passionate technologist, he talks about how the Samsung ecosystem enables developers to create seamless experiences for consumers.

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