December 2018 Calendar Word

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Petrochemicals, the purpose of recapitalization is to raise funds for investments that assure and improve the production, restructuring and financing of the current business. In May, Ina December 2018 Calendar Word announced the intention to participate in the recapitalization of Petrokemija with an amount of HRK 150 million and announced that it will intend to show together with First Gas (PPD).

December 2018 Calendar Word

In September, the Agency for the Protection of Market Competition (AZTN) allowed the concentration by which Ina and PPD invested in the recapitalization of the Prison Company, and through a special purpose company Terra Mineral Fertilizers (TMG), indirectly gained joint control over the Pruning Company.

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Petrokemija said on Thursday that a new term for holding the session of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board would be announced to the investment public in accordance with the regulations. The Croatian brand Surf’n’Fries, known for its potatoes, opened its first sales facility in Australia on the legendary surfer beach Bondi beach near Sydney After s the 10th birthday of the brand we are happy to have opened in such a location .

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Bondi beach lifestyle is all that Surf’n’Fries as a brand represents, “said the owner of this franchise Andrija Čolak for the New List.From all other objects and this latest is a franchise that is now a chain of more than 60 stores around the world from Australia through the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Vietnam to Sweden and Norway and neighboring countries.

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Surf’n’Fries opened its third facility in South Africa, Cape Town, a few days ago. The Croatian franchise chain Surf’n’Fries is owned by Word of the Andrew Čolak and Denis Polić. The job was printed ten years ago, and the first sales point opened in Rijeka 2009.The adoption of artificial intelligence allows the increase of the productivity of certain (in the case of Redexis Gas, sales agents, network design technicians, fieldwork technicians, etc.), which translates into greater competitiveness and a reinforcement of the growth plans.

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In addition to new contracts throughout the company (counting the own units of AI). A determined future bet that already gives results in the company, good for the company, good for its customers. The moon of October The moon is currently undergoing a decline. This coming morning, when it leaves at 4:25 p.m., we can only see 13% of the illuminated diameter. The new moon will be on October 9, will be on the fourth rising on October 17 and by the end of the month, on the 25th, there will be a full moon.

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The next full moon can be seen on November 23 from 18.02 h. End of the day. At the end of September we have more hours of darkness than sunlight, and shortening of the day is already noticeable at evening. This Saturday the sun will be at 19.29 and there will be dark night around 8:00 pm. Relieved with the shortening December 2018 Calendar Word of the day, it is worth remembering that the weekend of October 27 and 28 we will spend during the winter hours and that at 3:00 a.m., it will be necessary to delay one hour the needles of the clock.

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