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Bačić reiterated that Milijana Brkić’s position would have changed if the charges were justified on his account. “But while this is not proven, I have nothing to do with Brkić,” Bačić said, December 2018 Calendar UK adding that the parties can not resolve their members in advance, recalling the case of former minister Berislav Rončević, who after years showed that he was innocent.

December 2018 Calendar UK

Asked if the latest affairs would affect the HDZ rating, Bacic responded that he would hope to convince the Croatian public that “there is no HDZ” and that the institutions have free hands to investigate everything. He added that the HDZ was open to parliamentary investigative commissions on each topic in the interest of the Croatian public.

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He admitted that in HDZ as a big party there are problems, but far less than imputed, and trying to solve every problem, sometimes and rigorously, and ejecting from the party.Related to the protest in Vukovar, Bačić said that the HDZ Presidency clearly defined the protest and believes that he will not help solve war crimes, but will hamper treatment.

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“I do not see what we will achieve by the protest,” Bačić said, adding that there are no indications that political sanctions will be on members who go to Vukovar.China on Saturday did not comment on the affair surrounding Menga Hongwei, the president of the Interpol Police Assistance Organization and the Chinese Minister’s Assistant public security, the day after an investigation was opened in France after his disappearance, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had not responded to press inquiries from France Press.

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Meng Hongwei is the subject of an investigation in China and it is possible that the authorities have taken him as soon as he landed in his country last week from still unclear motives, wrote a Hong Kong Morning Journal on Friday at the South China Morning Post citing an unnamed source.  On Sunday, October 28, the sun will leave at 5:55 p.m. and it will be very dark around two quarters of seven.

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A disappearance investigation was launched in France on Friday – Interpol’s headquarters are in Lyon – and Paris announced its inquiry into the situation with 64-year-old Meng, concerned about the threats his wife received. “Interview asked by the liaison office in Beijing, the Chinese authorities have not given any details so far, “added the French Ministry of the Interior. “The exchange of information with the Chinese authorities continues”.

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Meng’s wife reported on Monday night to Lyons police, where a couple live, about the “worrying” disappearance of her husband for whom there is no news from September 25. A few days earlier, several sources, he arrived in Stockholm, Sweden. Interpol also stated that “this affair concerns the competent authorities in France December 2018 Calendar UK and China”. The German Juergen Stock, its chief secretary, not Meng Hongwei, is in charge of day-to-day management of the organization, said Interpol. It is about the latest disappearance of a senior official in China where several government leaders, magnates and even one star disappeared several weeks ago and even months.

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