December 2018 Calendar To Print

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A week ago, Federal Minister Anja Karliczek and Federal Minister Hubertus Heil presented the cornerstones of the Federal Government for an Artificial Intelligence strategy in Berlin. The Federal December 2018 Calendar To Print Government’s key issues paper states that the use of AI should be “promoted responsibly and for the benefit of society and new value creation potentials” .Germany to the world’s top AIKunstliche IntelligenzDeutschland is to the KI-Welttspitze19.07.18 – Still it is the USA and China, but soon Germany wants to be the leading location for artificial intelligence.

December 2018 Calendar To Print

“Artificial intelligence is finding its way into our everyday lives and we want this technology to help people. That’s why we put the benefits to people in our country at the heart of our AI strategy. Properly designed, AI is an important key to growth and prosperity, “Federal Research Minister Karliczek is convinced. The idea of ​​advancing AI in Germany has also been taken up by the new KI Federation.

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On the occasion of the Handelsblatt Conference “Artificial Intelligence”, Association President Jörg Bienert, founder and board member of the Cologne-based deep learning company aiso-lab, presented the association’s goals. In particular, the association’s work should, according to the will of the (founding) members, contribute to the fact that politics and society are “not… neatly and accurately “using AI technology.” AI is seen as either a great savior or a great danger. Opponents and friends create a false hype, “said Bienert.

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To give the matter the necessary political tailwind, the newly formed AI Association has a political advisory board, the Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), Jens Zimmermann (SPD), Manuel Höferlin ( Chairman of the political advisory board is Marcus Ewald of the Young Economic Council. CDU politician Jarzombek – he made his statement at the Handelsblatt conference via video-switching – is convinced.

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“As Ewald pointed out, however, the potential of artificial intelligence can only develop if it is” people-centered “and” people-friendly “. On the question of what a “responsible use of artificial intelligence” could look like, the ITK association Bitkom was also concerned gskatalog shows ways in which supported decision-making through algorithms, machine learning, and AI can be used for the benefit of society and the economy. EXTENDING MACHINE LEARNING THE HUMAN SKILLS? For this purpose, the three Federal Ministries for Economics, Research and Labor have prepared a key paper for a national AI strategy, which the Cabinet adopted on Wednesday in Berlin.

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Especially where people could make mistakes, such as quality control Manufacturing, a self-learning algorithm detects even the smallest changes and can assess impact. Impressively, drones and satellites can be used to inspect long pipelines, for example. This is also of great importance in the area of ​​data security. Here, machine learning quickly locates anomalies in transactions and processes, detects bribery attempts, and effectively protects against hacking. Even everyday processes are simplified.

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If a train unexpectedly fails, an algorithm redefines individual travel planning with a context-sensitive application: The customer sees alternative routes online or in an app, which bring him to his destination as quickly as possible, despite the failure.Source: SAPWhat makes the difference? Pioneers of the December 2018 Calendar To Print low-performers, but what makes leading companies other than “low performers” in AI use? To achieve significant results through the use of Artificial Intelligence, companies have to go through four stages of development, as the Accenture study shows: 1.

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