December 2018 Calendar Telugu

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Where the AI ​​journey could go with such cognitive machines is currently exploring the company NNaisense, co-founded by Schmídhuber. In collaboration with a major vehicle manufacturer, the technology forge in Lugano, Switzerland, is working on “pain-sensitive” automobiles. The vehicles learn from mistakes they December 2018 Calendar Telugu make in autonomous parking (for example parking bumps). If they are tapping anywhere, they receive pain signals that they can avoid future “good behavior.” Display Still, this is all a research project.

December 2018 Calendar Telugu

Nevertheless, one must count on the fact that humans in the near future “will not be the crown of the creation any longer”, Schmidhuber is convinced. Also, US entrepreneur Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop) as well as the futurist Ray Kurzweil (Singularity University) like Schmidhuber believe that artificial intelligence will sooner or later surpass the “natural” intelligence of man. Kurzweil speaks of a technological singularity.December 2018 Calendar Telugu Editable December 2018 Calendar Telugu Blank

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: DEFINITIONArtificial intelligence is the umbrella term for applications in which machines provide human-like intelligence. These include machine learning or machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning. The basic idea is to create an approach to important functions of the human brain through machines – learning, judgments and problem solving.This type of learning enables, among other things, the so-called Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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It is about the processing of texts and natural human language, which is used, inter alia, in the voice service Alexa of Amazon. The most promising method of machine learning currently deep learning is seen, which uses very deep neural networks with multiple levels and a large volume of data. In contrast to NLP, the algorithm deep-learning goes deeper: the machine recognizes structures, they can evaluate and in several improve independently on both forward and reverse passes.

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The algorithm uses multiple node levels (neurons) in parallel to make informed decisions. For example, deep-learning medicine can assist in the early detection of cancer or heart disease, and can screen children’s DNA profiles for gene markers indicative of Type 1 diabetes. Deep Learning is used in research, among other things, to evaluate thousands of cell profiles and their active genes, or particle showers that occur when proton beams collide in a particle accelerator.

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Since this type of learning solves complex, non-linear problems, it also occurs in self-driving vehicles Used to correctly interpret confusing traffic scenes: pedestrians, cyclists, weather, traffic signs or trees – the behavior of the road users must be correctly recognized and predicted, taking into account all possible factors.Source: SAPVisionary flights and earthlyThe event, however, offered not only visionary Heights, but also “grounded” – use cases and very specific applications.

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After all, KI – not only in the form of chatbots or smart speakers like Alexa – has meanwhile found its way into our everyday lives. More and more industrial companies rely on AI, as company representatives with use cases and best practices in the context of the Handelsblatt Congress occupied.So the Ditzingen engineering December 2018 Calendar Telugu company Trumpf tried with KI support to solve a well-known and quite annoying problem in laser stamping. So far, it has happened again and again, that with the laser “cut” parts in the workpiece (ie the sheet metal sheet) jammed.

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