December 2018 Calendar South Africa

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Businesses can greatly increase process and operational efficiency by eliminating manual entry in the ERP system, scanning of product codes, and error-prone checking December 2018 Calendar South Africa of all goods by delivery note. Smart warehouse management facilitates and accelerates manual, data-intensive warehouse operations. In this case, these application scenarios only serve as a selection of the manifold possibilities of smart factory technologies.

December 2018 Calendar South Africa

However, in order to take full advantage of this, companies need to unify the proprietary systems in a single cyber-physical system. This system connects the digital data to the physical machines. The right implementation leads to a competitive advantage, which can ultimately be decisive for the long-term existence in the market. Next to Blockchain and Bitcoin the biggest hype in the digital scene is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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The economic importance of the technology is enormous. The article gives an overview of current projects and use cases. In addition, we present some AI research projects and fields. Technothrill and a lot of action: This promises the current Pageturner “The Tyranny of the Butterfly” by bestselling author Frank Schätzung. The theme of his novel is Artificial Intelligence. As expected, this runs completely out of control.

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The AI ​​engine, resident in a quantum computer, eventually develops its own will and systematically begins to eliminate humanity instead of solving its problems, as intended by its creator. As always with Schätzing high voltage is provided. And otherwise, the expert for fast-paced thrillers with eco and technology bumpgrounds is always up to date.

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Because hardly a topic – apart from the topic Blockchain – is currently being hyped as much as Artificial Intelligence. A total of 1.2 billion results Google brings together to the keywords Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To the term Blockchain spits out the (even with artificial intelligence working) search engine “only” 117 million references – and if one takes the term Bitcoin still added, so it summarily summarizes 386 million.Artificial Intelligence – a term from the 1950ernDer current hype is astonishing at first, because Artificial Intelligence is actually an “old hat” The term itself was already coined in 1955 (!) by John McCarthy.

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For him, the goal of KI was to “develop machines that behave as if they had intelligence.” A few years later, the MIT scientist invented the legendary LISP computer that wrote programs that could change themselves. And that’s a typical feature of AI algorithms. AdvertisementWebinar of the WeekWeb Conference: Networked ProductionAlso the algorithm with the slightly cryptic name “Long short-term memory (LSTM)” – German: long short-term memory – with which today almost all speech recognition systems work, is by no means fresh. It was presented in 1997 by Sepp Hochreiter and Jürgen Schmidhuber (TU Munich) in a publication.

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When finally large amounts of data could be used for training and powerful computers were available, LSTM ensured the breakthrough of AI. As KI pioneer Jürgen Schmidhuber explained in his keynote address at the Handelsblatt conference “Artificial Intelligence” in Munich in March 2018, speech recognition is still one of the most important fields of application for AI. However, the doctorate in computer science and mathematician,  December 2018 Calendar South Africa who now works as a scientific director at IDSIA, a Swiss research institute for artificial intelligence, sees the greatest potential in the field of Congnitive Robotics. Kogniti robots or machines are intelligent systems that set their own goals and then pursue them consistently.

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