December 2018 Calendar Singapore

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The majority of companies (just under 60 percent) currently uses AI only for data analysis. Only a small group of companies succeed, as a study by Accenture shows, using artificial December 2018 Calendar Singapore intelligence in their own core business and reinventing existing products using AI or even offering new, AI-based products on the market. This KI Aventgarde involves intelligent technologies and Human creativity interacting with analytics and deep industry expertise so tightly that they deliver measurable results today.

December 2018 Calendar Singapore

While 98 percent of all companies surveyed by Accenture have already added individual KI applications to their existing portfolio, only one in six (16 percent) has a holistic vision of how to use this technology more creative use of AI was led by Accenture’s (population) respondents: poor data quality as the biggest problem (51 percent), concerns over data and IT security (45 percent), the difficult balance between buying standardized AI solutions and the development of their own individual solutions (45 percent), legal uncertainties in the disclosure of data and the protection of intellectual property (40 percent).

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Especially with German companies, the pros and cons of own vs. “Purchased” AI solutions in the first place (54 percent); However, security concerns were only 38 percent in Germany and less than one-third unclear data and intellectual property issues were the most pressing problem in the context of AI (31 percent). “The reinvention of industrially manufactured products by KI is still in its infancy and the road to success is anything but easy, “comments Eric Schaeffer, Senior Managing Director at Accenture.

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“However, the achievements of the KI pioneers demonstrated in our study clearly show that this is feasible and that the business benefits of AI in the industrial sector are very high.” Federal Government presents key AI pointsSo the German policy also sees that To stand up for the competition and be in the forefront, “said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her opening speech on the occasion of the Hannover Messe 2018.

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The announcements now seem to be followed by deeds. A week ago, Federal Minister Anja Karliczek and Federal Minister Hubertus Heil presented the cornerstones of the Federal Government for an Artificial Intelligence strategy in Berlin. The Federal Government’s key issues paper states that the use of AI should be “promoted responsibly and for the benefit of society and new value creation potentials” .

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Germany to the world’s top AIKunstliche IntelligenzDeutschland is to the KI-Welttspitze19.07.18 – Still it is the USA and China, but soon Germany wants to be the leading location for artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the three Federal Ministries for Economics, Research and Labor have prepared a key paper for a national AI strategy, which the Cabinet adopted on Wednesday in Berlin.

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“Artificial intelligence is finding its way into our everyday lives and we want this technology to help people. That’s why we put the benefits to people in our country at the heart of our AI strategy. December 2018 Calendar Singapore¬†Properly designed, AI is an important key to growth and prosperity, “Federal Research Minister Karliczek is convinced. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvancing AI in Germany has also been taken up by the new KI Federation.

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