December 2018 Calendar Cute

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Unfortunately, the Bixby software on my test equipment is far from what was announced there. To start the voice control should be possible only in Chinese and Korean. English will follow in a few months, the adaptation to German take even longer, says Samsung. After an update that I was able to install on April 17 on the test devices, the languageĀ December 2018 Calendar Cute features appeared after all, but I could not use them. For a long time, companies have independently expanded and adapted the most prevalent island solutions, which has certainly worked for a certain period of time. However, the proprietary solutions are now reaching their limits.

December 2018 Calendar Cute

So for now, Bixby remains a mute servant. That’s the Galaxy S8. As such, he does not do anything that the existing Google Assistant in the Android 7.0 operating system of the S8 could not: He displays calendar entries and reminds of appointments, has a weather forecast ready, lists a few recent news and can add a few more details.An added benefit compared to Google’s offer is not recognizable. Disappointing was also my attempts to use Bixby Vision.

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Samsung’s Promise: The software should detect objects focused on the camera, display information or similar images – or refer directly to an online shop where you can buy such objects. In fact, this worked only once in 20 to 30 attempts. So why are so many manufacturers still sticking to their “traditions” and what are the biggest hurdles for implementing automated and networked processes? Unified interfaces are missing, isolated applications ruleThe lack of links between legacy systems is currently one of the biggest hurdles to the smart factory.

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Otherwise, Bixby Vision could not even recognize a chocolate Easter Bunny as such (see photo gallery) .Advantages and disadvantagesVery good screenVery good camerasHigh quality materials and workmanshipVery extensive technic If you only consider the hardware, the Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s masterpiece: the screen is great, the camera is convincing anyway, the design and workmanship are convincing enough.

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But the over-ambitious attempt, next to the Google Assistant to establish its own artificial intelligence on Android, fails for the time being with Bausch and Bogen.Wom with the purchase of a S8 or S8 + flirting, should therefore think carefully whether the purchase is worthwhile. After all, a S8 costs 799 euros, the S8 + even 899 euros, both are equipped with 64 GB expandable memory.

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At the same time, the still very attractive Galaxy S7 is offered online at prices from 400 euros, you get an S7 Edge from 500 euros. The fiercest competition to the new Galaxy S8 Samsung has to offer itself. Linking the systems within the production chain is currently the biggest hurdle for the widespread implementation of smart factory technologies. In the future, island solutions will be replaced by fully networked and automated processes.

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The Smart Factory aims to combine mechanical manufacturing with modern information and communication technologies to increase economic efficiency. Many companies are now aware of the importance December 2018 Calendar CuteĀ of new technologies for competitiveness, but in particular traditional manufacturing branches are struggling with the implementation of modern software and hardware.However, as competitors can make their processes more efficient, traditional companies risk losing important market share because they can no longer compete with the current acceleration with purely mechanical methods.

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