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The remaining two hijackers enter a third car parked in close proximity, and all three cars leave Pantovcak Street, and later through the settlement of Sestina and Mlinovi go east, to Vrbovec, where  the kidnapped young man and in Blank November 2018 Calendar a family home they handed over to the next two kidnappers. In this family house, the young man was kept in a smaller room on the floor of the house where he was lying on the bed.

Blank November 2018 Calendar

All the time his hands were tied with handcuffs, and they put rubber gloves on them. Over his head he wore a black woolen hat over his eyes and scarf so he would not see anything. During the kidnapping the young man was not mistreated or physically abused nor threatened. The kidnappers allowed him to go to the toilet a few times a day, and occasionally gave him some sweets and milk as food.

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After many peripitals, Tomislav was finally released with a ransom of 1,500,000 euros. Following the indictment, Hrvoje Petrac was standing behind the kidnapping of Tomislav, up to that time Zagorec’s friend and partner. Petrač was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the abduction, but accused Zagorje of war profits in defense by appropriating the precious stones that the arms dealer brought to the MORH as an advance of $ 5,000,000 to pay for the S- 300.

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The diamonds were not introduced into the books, but were in Zagorceva’s seaside, but they went missing in 2000. Zagorec was arrested in Austria and extradited to Croatia, and sentenced to seven years in prison. President Mesic took him all out, and President Ivo Josipovic and the rank of general. In the meantime, property has been relocated to his wife and children as he had to return HRK 40 million. After leaving prison, Zagorec sued Petrac and Ivan Ic Matekovic – who also investigated, took part in kidnapping his son Tomislav for compensation for the ransom they had had to pay.

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Sin Tomislav soon after the abduction, with his father and his other wife Klaris, and with the half-brother Viktor and half-brother Nik, moved to Vienna and enrolled there, and still lives there.Anta Gotovina’s youngest spent most of the year with no father. Ante Gotovina, son of General Ante Gotovina, hardly went to school when his father decided to live in exile, hiding himself from the Hague investigators. The International War Crimes Tribunal in the former Yugoslavia in The Hague filed 2001 indictment against General Gotovina, accusing him for planning ethnic cleansing and war crimes.

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Gotovina refused to accept the indictment and from the time he was indicted, he was fleeing to an unknown residence. After years of hiding, he was arrested in Spain, on the Canary Islands, on December 7, 2005. “I have very good news. Ante Gotovina was arrested in Spain last night, “del Ponte said, adding that they finally managed to find him.

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Anti Gotovina, Mladen Markac and Ivan Čermak started off on March 11, 2008. At their first appearances before the ICTY, they pleaded not to be guilty. The Tribunal ruled by Antu Gotovina as a participant in the joint criminal enterprise, guilty of acts of persecution, deportation, robbery, destruction, murder, in the first Blank November 2018 Calendar instance trial on 15 April 2011 , inhumane acts and cruel treatment, and the court acquitted him of the forcible transfer. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison. On 16 November 2012, General Gotovina was acquitted and released by a second-instance verdict.

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