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This is due in particular to the fact that the home-made solutions have no standardized interfaces and thus generally can not communicate with each other and also mean a high level of maintenance. To overcome this hurdle, experts must first create unified platforms that interconnect all these different islandĀ Blank December 2018 Calendar solutions. However, many entrepreneurs are dreading this step: what to do if something goes wrong with the changeover and everything does not work right away? Is the complete manufacturing chain then broke and risked loss of revenue?

Blank December 2018 Calendar

How complex are the new systems and how high will the training costs be for the employees? These supposed obstacles can be completely avoided or at least reduced by gradually introducing the smart technologies. DisplayWebinar of the WeekManufacturing Smart Production FacilitiesSmartphone Manufacturing at the Factory of Tomorrow TodayThe key reasons why linking, automating, and sometimes virtualizing, the manufacturing steps are shorter time-to-market times and market cycles.

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The example of Apple is easy to grasp: every one to two years appears a new iPhone in the market. Currently, smartphones are in use for about two to three years on average. The need for new devices is there and end customers want to see results as quickly as possible. In order for the smartphone to be delivered in the desired, fast time and quality, all steps in the value chain must be optimally interlinked. The first step in producing a new product, such as a smartphone, is usually the creative design.

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Rapid prototyping is very well suited for this. Here, digital 3D design data forms the basis for the 3D printing of a physical prototype. Alternatively, functional virtual reality mockups can actually be experienced with data glasses before the first batch comes off the line. The advantage of these methods: These technical solutions allow product managers to inspect the first creative designs faster and better, making decisions faster and releasing the design for production.

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Finding the best supplier quickly and preciselyIf the design phase is completed, the order for the raw materials follows. In a smartphone, for example, about 300 different components are integrated. That in turn leads to a very k complex, sometimes global supply chain, and thus brings with it some challenges. Companies need to find the cheapest supplier who can deliver the required amount of raw material quickly, in good quality and at the best price. Linked systems make this search a lot easier.

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A comprehensive portal enables the production manager to access all suppliers at the same time and therefore not have to address each supplier separately for each individual part. These central portals are an important, first step in the direction of a truly intelligent supply chain. Aware of where – Smart Warehouse Management In the case of an intelligent supply chain, RFID chips or similar technologies built into the parts allow the product to be located as well as one Remote diagnostics about their condition.

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This allows companies to understand in real time when their goods will arrive and, later, where exactly the parts are in the warehouse. Employees can check at any time in theĀ Blank December 2018 Calendar database whether the stock is still sufficient and in what condition the goods are. The protracted preparation of a prototype is almost completely eliminated.

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