April 2019 Calendar Templates

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“A tourist apartment that is up to date in compliance with all legal conditions needs higher rental prices than another occupied in the long term,” Hernández reasons. For the spokesman of the Appraisal April 2019 Calendar Templates Society there are other causes that explain the increase in demand in the rental market such as “changes in family models”;

April 2019 Calendar Templates

“The generalized introduction of territorial mobility clauses in new labor contracts” and “the very important difficulties in acquiring a home ownership”. Madrid is also the most expensive province In the classification of provinces by rent, in September 2018 the first position was for Madrid, with 1,501 euros per month. They were followed by Guipúzcoa (1,314 euros) and Barcelona (1,210 euros). On the opposite side, Teruel closed the classification with 385 euros per month.

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Other economic provinces were Ciudad Real (402 euros) and Cáceres (413 euros). The province where it was most expensive in the third quarter was Pontevedra (10.68%), while the one that fell the most was Lugo (-9.56%). From one year to the next, the one that rose the most was Madrid (20.56%), and the income that was adjusted the most was the one from Huelva (-10.30%) As for provincial capitals, Madrid was the most expensive for tenants, with an average income of 1,758 euros per month.

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They were followed by Barcelona (1,749 euros) and San Sebastián (1,513 euros). For its part, Teruel was the cheapest, with 385 euros of monthly rent. Other economic capitals were Ciudad Real (402 euros) and Cáceres (413 euros). Vitoria (13.02%) made the biggest quarterly rise, while setbacks were led by Tarragona (-18.56%). Interannually, it led the ranking of increases in Cádiz (20.33%), with Córdoba (-15.07%) standing at the other end of the table.

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Despite the “significant tension” produced in prices, the experts consulted do not believe right to speak of “bubble” because “it is not an asset that is financed as it happens with the sale, with which one can speculate”, clarifies Ferran Font. However, it does believe that the authorities should intervene to “soften the pressure of the rental market” by creating “social housing stock exchanges and generating land for finalization so that new residential development can be built or taking measures that encourage the exit to empty housing market.

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“” Experience shows us that when the Administration undertakes interventions of a coercive nature, they rarely give good results. The containment, even lowered, of the rental prices must go through an increase in the housing stock in lease. It is necessary to consider that a significant part of unoccupied dwellings are due to the legal uncertainty that arises among the owners of the current legislation and that an improvement of the guarantees would probably mobilize towards the market of the quiler a significant amount of these empty homes, “says the director of Market Analysis of the Appraisal Society.

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