April 2019 Calendar Excel

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Alone this project would therefore justify a 5-6 times higher stock price. In addition, BLOC owns 10.2% of Hyperion Crypto Exchange Inc.’s (“Hyperion”). The investment in the Delaware Board April 2019 Calendar Excel of Trade (“DBOT”) will enable BLOC to leverage DBOT’s SEC-registered alternative trading system (“ATS”, alternative trading system) for the trading of tokenized securities.

April 2019 Calendar Excel

Hyperion is a securities token exchange that performs the same functions as a stock exchange (project with Ethereum founder Anthony Di Iorio) but using blockchain technology to automate operations that are otherwise performed by third parties such as: B. clearing houses. This improves speeds and reduces costs. The company also owns more than 8 million units in other major ICOs, including the Kodak Coin.

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A separate Exchange and many more projects are in the pipeline – see company update! As another major project, Global Blockchain Technologies (WKN A2JST8) and the software giant Hewlett Packard (WKN A140KD) are developing the Stratus peer-to-peer solution. By leveraging Blockchain to automate the purchase and sale of storage space for IT companies, Stratus will help companies liquidate their excess storage space by leasing it to other companies at prices that are approximately 50% lower than most cloud -Providern.

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The market is structured in a way similar to that which allows AirBnB to facilitate the leasing of short-term accommodation.Trade Finance Solution The Company is developing a block-based solution to streamline trade finance processes and make the supply chain for international trade more efficient. The project is being developed by several large companies including government agencies, port authorities and leading banks.

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Securing Intellectual Property through Tokens Individuals will be able to invest in fractions of intellectual property including music, videos and brands. This is made possible by creating tokenized collateral from a given brand identity or creative work, something that was not possible before the introduction of the blockchain. The market launch is currently expected at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2018. Tokenized Forex trading network This will be a Stellar network for the trading of foreign currencies.

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Several leading exchanges and referral partners are involved in this project and will be announced shortly before the launch, which is currently scheduled for the beginning of the third quarter of 2018. As the company is currently in good financial health and is working on several projects with real applications and integration partners, the recent performance of its stocks should not be seen as an indication of its future performance. As indicated above, there are other factors that are not reflected by the stock price but are representative of the current very stable position of the company.

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During the third quarter of 2018 and beyond, when BLOC’s current projects are available to the public, the success of these projects will significantly increase enterprise value. As always, the company¬†April 2019 Calendar Excel keeps its communication channels open to inquiries from current or prospective investors. BLOC welcomes any questions or concerns regarding the state of the Company in the interest of the satisfaction and trust of its valued investors.

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